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On June 1, 2015, I met Dr. Eng for a dental cleaning and exam, and on July 1,2015, she put a crown on a dead tooth where a root canal was done. The process I experienced was unique in that I have never had a dentist take the time to explain the detail of x-rays so I could understand why I needed a root canal. ( This was my third root canal.) Not only did she explain why a root canal was needed, but she showed me on the x-rays where the problem originated and how it could spread and adversely impact other teeth. Dr. Eng was also very informative in showing me how I needed to brush my teeth and floss in order to improve the condition of my gums and avoid more intense teeth cleaning procedures in the future. After having a root canal done in the past, my experience was that two additional visits to the dentist were required to complete the permanent installation of the crown. However, I was pleasantly surprised that by using state-of-the-art equipment, Dr. Eng was able to take impressions, build and install the permanent crown in one visit. I really appreciated her eliminating one visit! She has a wonderful "chairside manner" and a great staff that made me comfortable throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Dr. Eng for all dental care needs.

Michael S. Manigault New to the Bay Area

Dear Doctor Eng,
Thank you so much for taking good care of Steve last week. We appreciate your care and generosity.
We are lucky to have you as our personal Dentist.
Thanks again,
Aury and Steve.

Aury and Steve C. San Ramon, CA. 10/2013.

I was quite impressed with Dr. Christine Eng. As a long term Kaiser member I am a strong advocate of preventive health care and Dr. Eng is very much interested not only in a patients general dental health but also very concerned with the patients general health. I have been in the medical field for over 40 years so I know good health care practices that most people don't even know about or care about. Her dental practice has one of the highest standards of dental care that I have ever seen. As I am 62 years old I have seen many, many dentists in my life and I can truly state that I have never seen a better dentist in my life. On my first visit I was truly amazed at how nice the office is. She has a corner office in the Civic Plaza Medical building in downtown Walnut Creek and she has the most incredible view of Mt. Diablo that I have ever seen. It is very relaxing to see the incredible view when you are having your teeth worked on. But views are not really what the true dental care is about. Nice as it may be, good dental care comes from organization, attention to detail, good medical practice. I have seen all kinds of dentists and have been shocked at how disorganized some dental practices are. What good dental care comes down to is how knowledgeable the dentist is, how well they give the injections, how well they are able to diagnosis the problem. In all of these aspects, Dr. Eng is superb. At giving the lidocaine injections she was superb. I never felt a thing. At diagnosis, she was quick and to the point and her diagnosis was exactly what I had also come to also. She has the best dental equipment that money can buy. I was quite impressed how she involves the patient in their own dental care. She has an inter oral camera that she puts in the patients mouth and you can actually view the tooth yourself on a high definition screen right in front of you. When you can actually see the old fillings and how they have worn out over the years, you can easily agree that the tooth needs work on.

But one of the most incredible things I like about her practice is that she has a computer assisted machine called a Cerac that can make the crowns on the same visit. It is kind of weird. It takes a computer analyzed photo of the tooth and then starts building the composite crown as you sit in the chair. No more making a temporary crown and have it fall out 5 or 6 times while you are waiting for the crown to be made. I think for most people that are busy, having to go just one time for a crown is an incredible experience. Also, she is a strong believer of using composites so you don't have the problem of using mercury in the fillings. She is incredibly intelligent, speaks several languages and really cares about her patients. She is the very first dentist that cared enough to email me about my dental care. But what I have found out over the years by going to many, many dentists is that she has incorporated not only good general dental practices, but practices elements of periodontics, endondontics and oral surgery into her practice.

She is also a good communicator and discusses with you the exact nature of what needs to be done right on the computer screen in front of you. I just hate when I receive a bill form a dentist a year later for something I don't even know that I had done. She discusses what is needed, how much it will cost and how the treatment plan will work. Then she gave a detailed printout of all my dental needs, how deep the pockets were on each of my teeth.

J W - Pleasant Hill

Dr. Christine Eng.
"I had been away from the dentist for two years when I contacted Dr. Eng. Her staff immediately accepted and treated me as if I had been a patient for years. I felt comfortable and relaxed when Dr. Eng told me that I needed a dental crown and deep cleaning. Dr. Eng took the time to educate me on the procedures, and I learned that I was not brushing my teeth optimally. I am extremely pleased with the results and will recommend Dr. Eng's practice to everyone. My family , especially the kids, never minds going to the dentist. Thank you for the wonderful experience and the gentle ongoing care."

A.J.M., San Ramon, CA.

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